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Quick Facts

- Official Languages in Kosovo are Albanian and Serbian.

- Language of any community that constitutes five (5) per cent of the total population in any municipality will have the status of an official language.

- Language of any community that constitutes three (3) or more per cent of the total population in any municipality or has been traditionally spoken in a municipality can be used as a language in official use.
- In Prizren municipality, Turkish language has a status of an official language, as the traditional language.



The Language Policy Board adopted the 2018 Annual Report of the Office of the Language Commissioner


Organized by the Office of the Language Commissioner (OLC), a meeting of the Language Policy Board was held where Board's Chairman Hysni Shala informed the Board members about the re-election of the Language Commissioner Slavisa Mladenovic for another mandate of six (6) years. more

The Office of the Language Commissioner (OLC), in cooperation with the company Trankos, organized trainings on translation software for translators at the central level


Group trainings for Albanian-Serbian-Albanian translators were held on Tuesday and Wednesday on March 5 and 6, at Trankos premises, in the form of a multi-hours presentation of functions and ways of using software. more

Today is International Mother Language Day!


There are about ten ethnic communities living in Kosovo that speak their own language, while five languages are in official use. Mother tongue is part of cultural identity of people, way of their expression and mutual recognition. more

Presentation of the report “Communication between the members of Albanian and Serbian community in Kosovo: the issue of language”


Non-Governmental Organization “Centre for Social Initiatives” conducted a research, whereby presenting the findings on the general situation of general social relations and those of Albanian and Serbian communities through the element of language and communication. more

The OLC provides the translators of ministries with translation software


The Office of the Language Commissioner (OLC) has provided translation software for all translators of official languages working in Ministries of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo. The purpose of this project is to increase the quality, speed and consistency of translations between official languages. more

The application for learning Albanian and Serbian


The VOCUP application is a multimedia platform for independent learning of Albanian and Serbian. As a website, and Android and IOS application, it enables users to gain basic conversational knowledge on both languages (A1 level). more


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