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Quick Facts

- Official Languages in Kosovo are Albanian and Serbian.

- Language of any community that constitutes five (5) per cent of the total population in any municipality will have the status of an official language.

- Language of any community that constitutes three (3) or more per cent of the total population in any municipality or has been traditionally spoken in a municipality can be used as a language in official use.
- In Prizren municipality, Turkish language has a status of an official language, as the traditional language.

Two day training starts to further improve language rights in Kosovo


Under the organization of the Mission in Kosovo of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), today and tomorrow, there will be a two day training related to further improvement of language rights in Kosovo.

Participants in the workshop are the Office of the Language Commissioner  (OLCJ), members of the Language Policy Board (LPB) Working Group on Language of Consultative Council for Communities (CCC) and members of the Kosovo Institute for Public Administration (KIPA).
The purpose of the workshop is to derive the best international practices to further promote awareness on the importance of language rights, identify obstacles for full compliance with the legislation on languages and finding mechanisms to overcome these obstacles.
International expert of the language, Mr. Seán Ó Cuirreáin, who during the past 10 years has served as the Commissioner for Languages in Ireland, which is holding a two-day training, stated that, successful implementation of the Law on Languages should keep in mind a few things: "the political will of the leaders of institutions, skills and capacities of the administration, the monitoring of the Law on Languages by the Office of the Commissioner for Languages and the implementation of sanctions for non-implementation of the Law.
Yesterday, the Office of Language Commissioner for Mr Ó Cuirreáin has organized several visits to central and local institutions, in order to be informed more closely with the implementation of the Law on Languages in Kosovo, while on Thursday (08.09.2015) and Friday (09.07.2015) Mr Seán Ó Cuirreáin, will continue training with the staff of the Office of the Commissioner for Languages regarding the mechanisms of achieving greater efficiency at work, with the aim of better protection of the language rights in Kosovo for all communities living in Kosovo, regardless. 
Office of the LanguageCommissionerwasestablished in April 2012 underauspices of the  Office of the Prime Minister, pursuant to Regulation br.07/2012. The Office ismandated to oversee the implementation of the lawonlanguages, workswithinstitutions to improve the implementation of the lawandpromoteandprotect the righton the use of the language of all communities in Kosovo.